Best Climbing Pants for Men & Women in 2023

Ever tried to climb a route inside your skill level only to feel like you’re wrestling an octopus because of uncomfortable clothing? Yeah, we’ve all been too. Climbing is all about freedom and movement – your gear should let you reach new heights, not hold you back. Especially climb pants!

I’ve tried many pairs of pants, and luckily found some that have stood the test. From durable Prana Stretch Zions to lightweight Ferrosi Pants, I’ve got it covered.

In this post, I’ll guide you on a journey up ‘Pants Mountain’. Ready for some high-flying insights?

prAna Stretch Zion Pant
My Top Pick

The Prana Stretch Zion Pant is a big fan favorite for both indoor and outdoor climbing. These versatile climbing pants are made from stretch zions fabric that allows great mobility.

Features to Look for in Rock Climbing Pants

The right pair of rock climbing pants can make the difference between a great climb and an uncomfortable experience. When selecting climbing pants, be sure to keep an eye out for key features that are important to you.

So what makes a good pair of rock-climbing pants?

  • Durability: The last thing you want when clinging onto real rock faces are pants that can’t withstand the friction.
  • Comfort: Whether you’re indoor climbing or tackling a challenging outdoor climb, comfort is key. Pants like Prana Stretch Zions with their stretch cotton fabric excel in this area.
  • Versatility: The best pants pull double duty. They work just as well for gym shorts as they do for rock climbing pants.

No one-size will work for all in regards to rock climbing trousers. What works great for bouldering at your local gym might not be the best choice if you plan on sport climbing outdoors.

Waist Comfort Under Harness

A good climbing pant will have a high-waist design that provides comfort when wearing a harness during climbs. This feature is often overlooked, but reduces chafing caused by constant rubbing against the harness.

An adjustable waist or elastic waistband can give more flexibility and fit under different types of climbing belts. Brands like Prana Stretch Zion, renowned for their comfortable waistbands, offer excellent options.

Pocket Placement and Design

The position and design of pockets in your rock-climbing pants matter more than you might think. Rear pockets can be quite inconvenient when seated on belay ledges; hence side thigh pocket or zip thigh pocket becomes essential.

Climbers often need quick access to small tools or snacks without having to remove their packs completely, so having strategically placed pockets with secure closures is crucial. The use of organic cotton material also ensures durability while providing adequate stretchability – qualities exemplified by Prana’s line up including the much-acclaimed Stretch Zion Pant.

Besides this practicality aspect, let’s not forget style – yes climbers care about looks too. Diamond-gusseted crotch offers both mobility (essential during challenging stretches) plus adds that extra cool-factor making them perfect indoor climbing wear.

Key Takeaway:

Choosing the right rock climbing pants is all about finding a pair that offers comfort, functionality, and durability without looking frumpy. Keep an eye out for high-waist designs to ensure comfort under harnesses, strategically placed pockets for easy access during climbs, and materials like organic cotton or quick-drying synthetics depending on your specific climbing needs.
Rick Climber Pants

In-Depth Review of Top Climbing Pants

The necessity of having the right pants for rock climbing cannot be overemphasized. They not only need to offer excellent mobility but also have to pull double duty in terms of durability and comfort.

prAna Stretch Zion Pant – My Top Pick


The Prana Stretch Zion Pant is a big fan favorite for both indoor and outdoor climbing. These versatile climbing pants are made from stretch zions fabric that allows great mobility.

What makes these PrAna pants stand out is their integrated belt and cuff snaps which make sure your pant legs don’t interfere with your footwork. Their durable material ensures they hold up well against rock surfaces, making them a solid for any climber’s wardrobe.

The Prana Stretch Zion is well known for its durability and stretchability. It has an integrated waist belt which provides great support, but some climbers have noted it can feel bulky under a harness.

I should note, these were my favorite and now I have four pair! You can find me wearing these on the front page.

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prAna Stretch Zion Pant

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant – Best for Outdoors


If you’re looking for dedicated climbing pants that perform exceptionally well on the crag as well as off-width climbs, look no further than Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants. The combination of lightweight design and rugged construction make these ideal companions whether you’re sport climbing or bouldering outdoors.

Ferrosis come equipped with thigh pockets large enough to keep valuables safe while providing easy access even when wearing a harness – another plus point why climbers love these and enjoy them for outdoor climbing pants.

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi offers excellent mobility and breathability, making them perfect for outdoor bouldering or sport climbing.

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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant


The Black Diamond Notion Pants provide an incredibly comfortable wearing experience thanks to their heavy fabric that’s soft yet highly resilient against rough rocks.

A key feature includes drawstring waist adjustments allowing better fit and comfort. While they’re excellent for indoor climbing, these pants pull double duty perfectly fine at the yoga studio or a casual day out.

The Black Diamond Notion stands out with its comfortable fit and wide range of movement due to the elastic cuffs and drawstring waist. On the flip side, they’re not very weather-resistant which limits their versatility outdoors.

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Black Diamond Notion Pant


These aren’t dedicated climbing pants but don’t underestimate their potential. Carhartts are renowned for being incredibly durable while offering plenty of mobility – an ideal combo when you’re hanging off a cliff face.

These pants come with a bunch of pockets, like hip ones and a zip thigh one. They’re perfect for multi-pitch climbs when you need more storage space. Also, they’re super comfy to wear and I think they make a great climbing pant.

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Carhartt Washed Duck Dungaree Work Pant

Key Takeaway:

When it comes to rock climbing, you’ll want pants that deliver on mobility, durability, and comfort. Take the Prana Stretch Zion Pant for instance – they’re versatile enough for indoor and outdoor climbs with features like an integrated belt and cuff snaps. The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants are another great choice; these lightweight yet rugged trousers are perfect for sport climbing or bouldering outdoors. And let’s not forget about the Black Diamond Notion Pants. They offer supreme comfort thanks to their drawstring waist adjustments.

Women’s Climbing Pants Spotlight – prAna Halle Pant

Climbing, be it on a rock face or in an indoor bouldering area, is an intense sport that necessitates specialized equipment. A significant part of this gear includes versatile and durable climbing pants designed specifically for women.

A standout model in the realm of women’s climbing pants is the prAna Halle Pant (women’s version). They are widely loved by climbers worldwide for their perfect blend of comfort, mobility, and durability.

Why prAna Halle Pant Stands Out?


The prAna Halle Pants have been made with stretch zion fabric which provides an excellent range of motion while ensuring long-lasting wear. The articulated knees allow free movement when tackling challenging climbs both indoors and outdoors.

Another appealing feature is its roll-up leg snaps – these come handy during warm weather or when you need to cross streams during your outdoor adventures. These pant legs can also handle tough off-width climbs without tearing apart at seams.

Pocket Placement on prAna Halle

An often-overlooked aspect when buying climbing pants is pocket placement. However, the design team at prAna understands how crucial pocket accessibility could be while hanging from real rocks.

The Prana Halle features thigh pockets that offer easy access even with a harness on; moreover they provide ample room to keep valuables safe during ascents.

Mobility Meets Comfort: Perfect Blend

  • In addition to being functional for climbs, the prAna Halle’s stylish cut lets them pull double duty as casual wear too. So you can go from the bouldering gym to a coffee shop without needing an outfit change.
  • The Halle Pant offers excellent mobility, thanks to its stretch zion fabric. It’s ideal for sport climbing where dynamic movements are common.
  • With their adjustable waist and inseam length, these pants offer a customized fit for climbers of different heights and sizes – this adds another level of comfort during climbs.

To wrap things up, prAna really shines. They are ideal for yoga pants & rock pants.

Key Takeaway:

The prAna Halle Pants are a standout choice for women’s climbing pants, combining comfort, mobility and durability. Made with stretch zion fabric, they offer excellent range of motion and can withstand tough climbs. With smart pocket placement that works even when wearing a harness and adjustable sizing for customized fit – these pants don’t compromise on functionality or style.

How to Choose the Best Climbing Pants for Your Needs

Picking the perfect climbing pants might seem daunting but, by comparing the main features you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Understanding Your Climbing Activities

To begin with, identify your preferred type of climb. Whether it’s indoor climbing at a bouldering gym or outdoor rock adventures, each style has specific pant requirements.

For instance, if you’re a big fan of sport climbing or pull double duty between real rock and gym shorts, versatile climbing pants like the Black Diamond Notion Pant, offering plenty of stretch cotton comfort, are ideal.

The Perfect Fit & Comfort

Climbing calls for great mobility. Therefore, finding good fitting pants is crucial. A drawstring waist can help adjust fit while wide range thigh pockets keep valuables safe without impeding movement. The Prana Stretch Zion Pant, known for its comfortable wearing experience and durable pair build, fits this description perfectly.

Fabric for rock climbing pants

Fabric Matters Too.

You need dedicated climbing pants that withstand off-width climbs yet remain breathable in warm weather conditions such as those offered by the Mountain Hardwear brand.Avoid heavy fabric choices unless you plan on tackling colder environments where thicker material provides essential warmth protection.

Dedicated Women’s Choices

If we’re talking women-specific designs, then the prAna Halle Pant (women’s version) takes center stage, providing an excellent balance between durability and flexibility – something any female climber would appreciate.

Investigate the Details

Small features can make a big difference. For instance, pant legs that cinch up around the ankles offer extra protection in rugged terrains while zip pockets keep essentials secure.Pants pull double duty when they are suitable for climbing indoors and out – so look for these adaptable options if you’re a fan of both environments.

In essence, good climbing pants will give your climbs an edge without sacrificing comfort or style. Make sure to try on several pairs before making your decision as what looks great online might not feel right when worn. Happy Climbing.

Key Takeaway:

Choosing the right rock climbing pants is all about finding a pair that offers comfort, functionality, and durability without looking frumpy. Keep an eye out for high-waist designs to ensure comfort under harnesses, strategically placed pockets for easy access during climbs, and materials like organic cotton or quick-drying synthetics depending on your specific climbing needs.

How We Tested Our Picks

This wasn’t some leisurely day at the indoor climbing gym, mind you. Instead, it was an exhaustive examination of each pant’s performance in real-world scenarios… like sliding up and down boulders.

To start with, our testers are seasoned climbers who know their way around both sport and off-width climbing terrains. They wore each pair of pants through various activities: from strenuous outdoor bouldering sessions on real rocks to controlled indoor climbs. Their first-hand experience helped us evaluate how well these pants pull double duty – or triple duty even.

The versatility factor is key here because a good climbing pant should be just as comfortable wearing during an intense climb as it is when lounging post-climb or running errands.

We didn’t overlook features either; every drawstring waist, zip pocket, and thigh pockets were tested for convenience and functionality while moving upwards on those vertical playgrounds that climbers love so much. And let’s not forget about keeping valuables safe – all hip pockets had their moments under scrutiny too.

Pant Performance Under Extreme Conditions

In order to truly test durability under extreme conditions like mountain hardwear demands – whether that’s clinging onto craggy outcrops or executing challenging yoga like poses in stretch zions – we pushed these garments beyond regular use cases.

A dedicated pair of rock climbing pants must withstand rough abrasion against surfaces without compromising mobility. Incredibly durable fabrics aren’t worth much if they don’t also offer excellent freedom of movement—this delicate balance between durability and flexibility was one area where our expert eyes (and thighs) paid close attention.

User Comfort Evaluation

Beyond material toughness though, we know that comfort is king. Therefore, the fit and feel of each pant were also scrutinized. We looked for designs that had wide range in sizes, ensuring a good climbing pants option for all body types.

Wrapping up, you know how we said our testers are experienced climbers? They’ve loved brands like Prana and Patagonia for ages, way before this test started. So they could immediately tell if the new

Key Takeaway:

Our seasoned climbers tested each pair of rock climbing pants under real-world conditions, from strenuous outdoor bouldering to controlled indoor climbs. We evaluated not only durability and flexibility but also comfort and fit across various sizes. Each feature was scrutinized for functionality during a climb and convenience post-climb.


So, you’ve climbed the ‘Pants Mountain’ with us and discovered what makes great rock climbing pants. You’ve learned that comfort under a harness matters. And pocket placement? That’s crucial too. You’re now well-versed in some top-rated picks like Prana Stretch Zion Pant and Ferrosi Pants. From durability to flexibility, these champs pull double duty for indoor or outdoor climbs. We didn’t forget about our lady climbers either – we spotlighted women-specific models like the Prana Halle Pant! All said and done, remember this: Your climbing pants should enhance your climb not hinder it. Pick wisely based on your needs and type of climbs.

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