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I’m Corbin, your outdoor guide, coming to you from the music-filled streets of Nashville, Tennessee. By day, I work in the music industry, but once the lights dim, I trade my professional hat for hiking boots, a climbing harness, or a skydiving rig. Whether it’s rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, or falling from “a perfectly good airplane”, I thrive on a good adventure.

Accompanying me on many of these escapades is Maxine, my faithful four-legged companion, who adds her own brand of enthusiasm to each adventure. Her adventurous spirit and boundless energy make her the perfect companion for all my outdoor escapades.

Thanks to my work, I get to travel a lot, offering me the perfect chance to explore many new places and cultures around the world, which I’m excited to share with you! So, whether you’re a jet setter, a dirt bag, or someone who’s just curious about the world beyond your front door, you’ll find something here to inspire your next journey here.

Corbin with his dog Maxine


Have any questions? I’m always open to discussing your outdoor plans and questions.

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