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Dog Friendly Moab: Looking Glass Arch

Looking Glass Arch in southeastern Utah is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that serves as a playground for adventurers and their furry friends alike. Unlike many other natural attractions that have restrictions for pets and extreme sports, Looking Glass Arch is a place where you can truly have it all: climbing, rappelling, and BASE jumping, all in the company of your four-legged companion. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes this destination a must-visit, and why you might want to camp overnight to get the most out of your trip.

Why Looking Glass Arch?

Nestled in a remote area accessible via a dirt road, Looking Glass Arch offers a different kind of solitude compared to more popular sites. The arch itself is an incredible sight, standing like a gateway to another world against the backdrop of Utah’s signature red rock landscapes.

What sets Looking Glass Arch apart from other natural attractions is its openness to various outdoor activities — you can climb, rappel, and even BASE jump off this towering structure. Plus, it’s dog-friendly, meaning you can bring along your adventure-loving pet to experience the beauty with you.

Climbing and Rappelling

It is a 5.4 rated sport route with 3 pitch bolted route (sparse) up the SW ridge. Absolutely amazing 100% free-hanging 140’ rappel down through the amphitheater! You’ll need two 50m ropes for the rappel (or a 70m rope will reach the ground once weighted). Some groups use this rapel to establish a rope swing.

Be mindful that this is a very poplar route to swing from. If you set a rope swing, be nice and let other climber groups use it. Check out the Beta on Mountain Project.

I climbed it at night once, for the hell of it. It was a full moon, which allowed my good buddy Matt to get this amazing picture of us from the ground.

Rappelling Looking Glass Arch at Night

Photo by Matt Jackson

Photo by Matt Jackson

Beware rattlesnakes at the base of the climb! They are always around!

BASE Jumping

For a real rush… BASE jumping off Looking Glass Arch is possible. Its not a very high exit point, so I’d say its a bit sketchy, personally. Nevertheless jumpers do it all the time, especially around thanksgiving (Turkey Boogie). I haven’t see anyone die doing it, but I’ve seen enough close calls to keep me from taking this particular leap.

A note: If you’re unaware that jumpers are up there, their canopies slamming open (after the jump) can be quite the surprise. It may sound like someone has fallen from the cliff, just be aware of the possibility.

Pet-Friendly Adventure

For those of us who hate to leave our pets behind on such excursions, you’ll be happy to know that dogs are welcome at Looking Glass Arch. It’s an excellent place to let your pup explore new scents and sights. Just be sure to keep an eye out for rattle snakes.

Camping: Get the Best Spot

There’s a small campsite near the arch, offering the rare opportunity to spend the night in one of nature’s masterpieces. But here’s the catch: this spot is quickly taken, especially during peak seasons. We recommend getting there early to claim the prime location where you can enjoy uninterrupted views and the starry sky above.

Tips for Your Adventure

  1. Pack Plenty of Water: The area can get hot, and there are no water sources nearby.
  2. Waste Disposal: Always clean up after yourself and your pet. Leave no trace!
  3. Safety Gear: Make sure you have all the necessary gear and that it’s in good condition, especially if you plan on climbing, rappelling, or BASE jumping.
  4. Check Weather Conditions: Be mindful of the weather; conditions can change quickly..


Looking Glass Arch is more than just a picturesque landmark; it’s an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re climbing up, rappelling 140′, leaping off of it, or simply enjoying the scenery with your pet, Looking Glass Arch offers an unforgettable experience. With the option to camp, you can extend your stay and make the most of this incredible landmark.

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